Rules of Conduct (please read)

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Please read the posts in this area before posting in any of the forums.

Rules of Conduct (please read)

Postby carl99kt » Mon Jan 07, 2008 12:21 pm

Rules of Conduct

Respect Others. It is ok to have debates and challenge one another's ideas on an intellectual level. Personal attacks are strictly prohibited and will be removed.

Foul language
will cause your post to be removed.

No soliciting
. Items may be sold in the Wants and Disposals area. Businesses must get permission from the board administrator prior to posting their ads. Please email

Basic rules of netiquette: keep your CAPS LOCK off. Please try to use enough punctuation and spelling so that others will be able to understand your posts. If you have a complaint about a poster, please email is intended for discussions and information related to the Knight Twister, not a general chat forum. Knight Twister owners, builders and enthusiasts are welcome. There is a General Discussion area for miscellaneous chit-chat as long as the discussion remains civil and follows these Rules of Conduct.

If you are chaing problems with the forum or any suggestions for improvement, please email reserves the right to ban a participant at any time for violating theses rules and guidelines or for any reason.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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